"We appreciate the greening awareness and plantation initiative undertaken by Greenply Foundation for the benefit of local people. The free of cost supply of good quality saplings and the training for its proper plantation and technical advice for its maintenance, provided by the Foundation, have not only created an environmentally friendly atmosphere, but also created new avenues for earning out of vacant land. We thank the Foundation for this endeavour in the interest of the local society."

Chairman, Yannu Village Council
Tizit Block, Mon District, Nagaland

"My association with Greenply Foundation has been very rewarding. I use the saplings provided by the Foundation to grow high-yielding plants, which I then sell to industries in my area. This has helped me increase my livelihood and lead a better life as a farmer."

A Farmer, Tizit Village, Mon District, Nagaland

"We, the members of Lapa Village Council, thank Greenply Foundation for the help extended to us by way of free supply of quality seedlings and saplings for plantation in our area. These plantations are a big revenue source for us. We are happy to extend all possible support from our side to ensure this initiative continues for years to come and also can be increased further in scale."

Chairman, Lapa Village Council
Tizit Block, Mon, District, Nagaland


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