About Us

Under the leadership of Shri. S. P. Mittal, Founder & Chairman of Greenply Foundation, who is also the Chairman of Greenply Industries Limited, the Foundation has been established to achieve the inclusive goal of enhancing the quality of life of underprivileged communities, particularly those living in difficult geographic terrains. The cornerstone of the Foundation’s vision and mission have been shaped with the philosophy of working in synergy with the community as well as our surroundings.

Through its social development and sustainability initiatives, Greenply Foundation wishes to lend a hand to create a positive and sustainable future for all. The Foundation realizes that there is more than just a hand we can lend and is involved in multiple initiatives to elevate and truly bring about a change in our society. All initiatives of the Foundation are designed, implemented and monitored by our in-house team. We initiate these activities with absolute commitment and do so with thorough planning and strategy. We have engaged with the Government from time to time to give these actions a momentum at state level.


Chairman’s Message

At Greenply Foundation, our vision is to create a positive change in the society through holistic and sustainable community development programs. We believe that at the heart of a progressive nation are an empowered people; people, who are skilled, have sustainable livelihoods and access to the basics (clean water, housing, education, healthcare, food and fuel). Our programs are situated in the climate of sustainability; they are socially just and where citizens exercise environmental stewardship.

With this vision, we would like to reach out to communities with least access to the basics, particularly those living in remote habitats or in urban, semi-urban slums. Our programs are centered on development needs as expressed by the communities.

In terms of delivery, we would like to directly implement programs by banking our in-house strengths. Our able team of specialists, field force led by an empowered leadership team has shown incredible diligence and motivation. However we are also open to symbiotic partnerships with organizations, interest groups and governments where there might be synergies to achieve the overall goal.

I invite you to support our programs, give us feedback, offer guidance if any and most importantly encourage the spirit behind our core areas of work. And then, together we shall be the change-makers.

Shri S. P. Mittal
Founder & Chairman
Greenply Foundation

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